Becky’s New Car

July 21-23 and 28-30, 2017

Have you ever been tempted to walk away from your life?

Becky Foster is at a crossroads, standing at the intersection of middle age, an unfulfilling job, and close to thirty years of marriage and parenthood. One fateful night, she meets Walter Flood, a grieving widower and billboard magnate. Becky offers Walter some much-desired guidance and he offers her a glimpse of a possible new life. The audience becomes intimately involved in Becky’s journey as she searches for – and is tempted by – what could be.


Cast included: Amy Moran (Becky Foster), Mark Bilyk (Walter Flood), David Lane (Joe Foster), Bunny Barclay (Ginger), Tellis Coolong (Steve), Jake Sherburne (Chris Foster) and Erica Veazey (Kensington “Kenni” Flood).

Design Team included director Angela Bonacasa, Scout Hough (Stage Manager), Tricia Hobbs (Set Design), Scout Hough (Lighting Design), Claire Bolduc (Costume Design), Phillip Wright (Sound Design), Holly Costar (Props and Backstage Crew) and Janet Bilyk (Props Assistant).