Of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof:

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“Very professional and engaging theater troupe. I’ve seen several productions, and each one has been excellent and delightfully done.”

“What a gorgeously done play in every way.”

“The actors playing the main roles… convincingly share with the audience the lies they tell others and the lies they tell themselves. Their lies shape their lives, and their lives shape their lies. They lie about the way they live, and they even lie about the way they die. And their lies draw us in, making us look deeply into our own lives and the lies we live with.”

Of Table Manners:

See the review from the Maine Edge: Etiquette and epithets

“Angela Bonacasa and Tellis Coolong give genuine and honest performances as the brother and sister. Their reminiscences about their childhood ring true and they convey a special kind of tenderness toward each other…” (Judy Harrison, Bangor Daily News)

“Director Tricia Hobbs works wonders with the script and the actors to help us get to know these characters, who end up not seeming like literary characters but the folks who live next door.”

“Great production, wonderful performances!”

“Table Manners… has all the elements of a successful play… Hats off to True North Theater for another successful endeavor—the end result is delightfully entertaining.”

“… the timing was impeccable down to the clank of every fork and spoon and the cast was perfectly balanced and sprinkled the farcical elements with just the right amount of pathos… Highly recommended.”

“In all a wonderful afternoon of theater. They are running next weekend as well. Give yourself a summer treat and spend an hour or two with this zany English family and their even zanier antics…”

Of The House of Yes:

“The show was AMAZING.”

“…some of the best acting I’ve seen for ages.”


“Wow! Just…!”

“Whatta Show!”

Of The Lion in Winter :

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Tyler Costigan (Geoffrey), Paul Nicklas (Richard) and Mark Bilyk (Henry II). Photo by RCS Maine

See the review from Maine Campus: True North Theatre Premieres The Lion in Winter in Orono.

“I can’t stop talking about it! Every aspect of this play was so well done that it all added up to an enchanting and delightful evening of witnessing history.”

“Kudos to True North Theater! They did it again!”

“Tonight’s opening performance of The Lion in Winter was superb! Thank you, True North, for shining a bright light this winter season!”

“Great show!!!!!!”

Of True North’s Inaugural Production, Becky’s New Car :

See the review from the Maine Edge: True North Theatre Gets it in Gear-Becky’s New Car

Bunny Barclay (Ginger), Erica Veazey (Kenni) and Mark Bilyk (Walter) in Becky's New Car. Photo by RCS Maine.

“Came to see Sunday’s (7/23) show and experienced the full range of emotions. The play had me reeling for quite a while after (and think that’s the point). Beautifully acted, superbly directed. I was sucked in, and completely engaged. Bravo!”

“Great, unconventional play; material for thought. Definitely worth seeing. Kudos to True North, for their first production.”

“It’s an amazing show! Go see it!”

“Amy Moran pulls the audience onto the stage with her within the first few moments of the play and keeps you there through humor and tears. The rest of the cast revolve around her, coming and going as she makes decisions which have a profound impact on all their lives… do not miss out on the chance to see the show… True North Theater’s first production is a winner!”